Maciej Czekaj’s vCard – for fast contact


  1. Open on your smartphone an application for QR codes – for example: QR Droid
  2. Scan this code
  3. Confirm new contact in your address book


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Bilingual is good, but what if…

What, if you just started learning a new language and there is still a lot of to master. And of course in the same time, you want to be a master communicator.

DSR as a method is not focused on technical level of language skills, but more on multiple sub-methods. As a result, even when you are new to a language, you can easily use the method and achieve expected results. What’s more – the method is also helpful in learning new languages. Why learn one thing, when you can save your precious time and learn two at once (DSR and a new language)?

New intro for DSR

What makes a good life? TED: Robert Waldinger on profits from positive longterm relationships

Welcome to Institute for DSR

Institute was founded to develop and promote a communication method: DSR – Dynamic Social Relations.

DSR is a complex communication method created by Maciej Czekaj and published in 2011 in a book “Komunikacja Naprawdę Skuteczna”.