Your gains when you use different communication styles which are an essential part of DSR.

Winning Communication

  1. Win fast and easy new friends.
  2. Build your popularity.
  3. Winn people and their hearts – make them believe in what you believe.
  4. Create atmosphere of cooperation. In team as well as in family.
  5. Become a better speaker.
  6. Become more interesting speaker.
  7. Infect people with your enthusiasm.
  8. Infiltrate existing social webs.
  9. Or build your own.
  10. Reinforce your people and make them easier achieve their goals.

Provocative Communication

  1. Develop in yourself a sense of humor. One, which will be appreciated by other people.
  2. You will shorten a distance in a blink of eye with new met people. They will tell you all their secrets.
  3. Increase the speed of interaction. They will start perceiving you as a charismatic person.
  4. Reinforce your own psyche. You will become more bold when you will speak yourself up. And you will learn how to do it in a funny and positive for other people way.
  5. You will become a challenge for other people. A challenge which will stimulate other people development.
  6. People which surrounds you: they will stop with “I don’t know”, “I can’t”, “it’s not in my reach”. And you will be doing it in a fast and funny way. With a sleight of hand.
  7. Your relationships will gain more energy.
  8. Your intimate relationships will gain more energy.
  9. It will become hard for other people to ignore you.
  10. If you lead people – motivating them and coping with their excuses will become simpler.

Inquiring Communication

  1. You will dig into every scam – nothing will hide from you.
  2. You will learn to deal with your internal dialogue. You will learn how to switch it to more positive one. In a finger snap.
  3. If your partner/business-partner focus too much on problems – now you will have a tool to switch it’s mind to solution seeking mode.
  4. Quarrelling? Now you will be able to cool down other person and lead him/her to more productive talk.
  5. You will learn Intelligence Strategy – controlling and information gathering will become simpler.
  6. Your creativity and consciousness will boost.
  7. The way how you perceive the reality will change to more positive and useful one.
  8. You will start enjoying “I don’t know and I have the right to not to know (yet)”.
  9. You will learn to relax your mind and your “stiff emotions”.
  10. The quality of life will increase.

Metaphorical Communication

  1. Better contact with everybody.
  2. You will learn to explain complicated things in simpler ways.
  3. No more influencing one person at a time. Now your words will become mass scale tool.
  4. Upbringing kids or adults – explaining things why important things are important will become easy.
  5. Incept in one’s mind a useful idea. Then after some time harvest the fruits.
  6. Your influence will hit the subconsciousness of your talking partners directly.
  7. If you enjoy helping people – your words will become chicken soup for their souls.
  8. You will become more choosy when it comes to the metaphors with which you feed your mind.
  9. Motivating people in noninvasive ways.
  10. The last Sleight of Mouth method. Only on this module. The Metaphor. Final and impossible to bounce.

DSR – as a complex communication method which include all four communication styles:

  1. No more “people are getting hired by company, but they quit because of bosses.”
  2. Finally you will have this feeling, that you really did everything so that this relationship can work. And yes – it will give you a peace of mind.
  3. No more shooting in your own knee – if you speak something – you do it fully consciously.
  4. Your confidence and self-esteem boost. In healthy way. Just beacause you will always have the feeling, that you know what to say and how to behave in any social situation.
  5. You will know how to talk with any person.

For whom is DSR then?

If you are a representative of one of this people, you should consider gaining knowledge and skill in DSR:

  • Salesman
  • Chef
  • Lider
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Mediator
  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Trainer
  • Therapist
  • Astronaut
  • Parent
  • Partner
  • Single

Or simple for every person who wants and/or needs to be a master communicator.

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