Institute for DSR

Vision: Building a future where quality of human communication will benefit individuals, organizations and communities.

Mission: Higher efficiency in companies, less addictions, healthier relationships and more wellbeing. To achieve this, Institute for DSR focus on:

  • Research in the field of communication
  • Development of working communication solutions
  • Promote DSR method

Most of our time we invest in R&D part – researching and developing working communication methods.

The same time, promotion of DSR method is probably the most visible from outside action of iDSR and includes:

  1. iDSR vblog and live webinars on youtube
  2. articles on iDSR blog on this website
  3. books
  4. VOD trainings
  5. trainer training
  6. special help

Who and how is connected with Institute for DSR?

Maciej Czekaj

Founder and Director

Author of two books. Was commenting body language of Prime Minister Putin on main news with 7 mln viewers.

Master degree in International Relations. Team coach in german corporation in Cologne/Germany. 9 years of corporate expirience. 12 years of teaching expirience.

Speaks: english, polish, german

Prabha Bhetwal

Office and Translations, our Language specialist.

Former profesionall singer. IT student.

Speaks: english, german, nepali, hindu, read sanscrit, japanese,…


Companies and their trainers who cooperate with Institute for DSR:


Jacek Peryn

Real Estate specialist.

Speaks: english, polish, german

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