How can You learn and master DSR?

You can enjoy DSR almost in any way.

Easy way

  1. Watch some of the applications and case studies. You will find them on our Youtube channel. We like to share – It’s for free, so go on.
  2. Read “Working Communication” or polish version of this book “Komunikacja Naprawdę Skuteczna”. Book is physically published, but the easiest way is simply to buy ebook version (or audiobook). You can do it now and here: ENG – Amazon, PL – Sensus (Cost is around 7,50 Euro – depends on language and version).
  3. Need more live explanations? Watch lectures prepared by creator of the method and founder of Institute. 50 Euro per introductory training (and for any communication style, 200 Euro for whole set). Plus we have special discount – if you decide later to take part in workshop – it will be cheaper for you.
  4. When you are ready, take part in DSR Fundamentals – you will learn basic methods from four different communication styles and how (and when) change communication styles. It is introductory training.
  5. Follow-up – 20 days special program with online meeting with a DSR Trainer. You can take part in this program after workshop to ground your new skills.
  6. Need more skill in one of communication styles? Take part in some (or all) DSR practical level trainings: DSR Winning Communication, DSR Provocative Communication, DSR Inquiry Communication, DSR Metaphorical Communication.
  7. And again – it is good to ground your new skills. For every of this workshop you can take Follow-up training.

After completing every training level, will get special certificate from Institute as a confirmation of your skills.

If you are sure right now that DSR is what you were looking for – write an e-mail so that we will arrange a personal consultations with you where we confirm your training.

Dedicated way

This path is simple – every October we start our yearly program DSR Yearly School of Communication.

Everything is prepared – dates, exercises, workbooks, lectures to watch, supervisions. Everything what consists on Follow-Up and weekends workshops.

You start with fundamental theory – you finish with some advanced methods. You fit in one year, with physical training and online follow-up help, in a special price.

What next?

There are different possibilities.

Some alumni go their own path and live more enjoyable life with better relationships.

Some alumni go for speciality trainings: DSR for bosses, DSR for mediators, DSR for salesmen,…

Some alumni go for advanced training at Institute which we are currently preparing.

Some alumni want to become DSR Trainers.

Some alumni develop their own speciality trainings with cooperation of Institute.


One communication, lifetime full of possibilities.

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